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Spring To-Dos in Wyoming

Spring To-Dos in Wyoming

Hi there! Tara here. 

Roam Around Wear - A Wyoming T-Shirt Company - Gillette, Wyoming

I know these 60 degree days are just a tease. False Spring, as they call it. I've lived in Wyoming most of my life and I recognize the signs and try to not get my hopes up that my sandals can now live on my feet until October. I know that the forecast calls for snow later this week; but, I had to take advantage of this beautiful weather and roam with my kids to our favorite park with an iced coffee in hand. I hope you're feeling the sunshine over the past few days and soaking up the feeling that perhaps, spring isn't too far away. 

I’m making my bucket list of Wyoming Spring To-Dos and thought I’d share with you in case you need a little reminder that spring is really one of the best seasons in this great, four season state. 

  1. Listen for the first meadowlark song of the season. 
  2. Drive around town with the windows down. 
  3. Watch for newborn calves. 
  4. Experience all four seasons in one day. 
  5. Hike around Devils Tower. 
  6. That first rainstorm of the season. 
  7. Hike the lower hills and look for yellow sweet peas. 
  8. Go for a bike ride through our favorite park.
  9. Splash in the spring puddles.
  10. Look for baby antelope. 

We can't wait to see wear you ROAM this season. Make sure you're taking us with you and tagging @roamaroundwear on Instagram so we can live vicariously through you.