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Twin Spruce Junior High Custom Design

Twin Spruce Junior High Custom Design

A local junior high school, Twin Spruce, contacted us about creating a custom design for their athletic department. The goal was to incorporate the iconic twin spruce trees that flank the front of the school, providing the school’s namesake. We wanted to work on a fresh design and not use the school’s logo, as it has been printed so many times before. We kept the font modern and fresh, giving it an athletic feel. These shirts were handed out to the students who had competed in three or more sports for the junior high this school season. 

We also provided stickers for the athletic department to hand out to their student athletes. These stickers are waterproof and weatherproof, making them perfect for students’ water bottles, bikes, or any other gear. Stickers are a fun, cost effective way to provide additional branding opportunities. 

We are very thankful to Twin Spruce Junior High for allowing us the opportunity to print for them! We love how both the stickers and t-shirts came out and hope the students do too.

Twin Spruce Junior High Warrior Athletics custom designed and printed t-shirt by Roam Around Wear

Twin Spruce Junior High Warrior Athletics custom design sticker by Roam Around Wear.